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SCP: Site Director

What is SCP: Site Director?

SCP: Site director is a early alpha tycoon game based of the SCP Foundation. This game will allow you to build your own facility which will include Light Containment, Heavy Containment, Entrance Zone and maybe even more! You will also be able to manage your employees, such as Scientists and Class Ds, and SCPs. This game will allow you to even conduct tests and expiriments. However these are goals, they have NOT been implemented yet and I (The developer) am working on these features.

Would you like to join our community?

Feel free to join our Discord server and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

News and Updates

Fist public alpha released!

Download the first public alpha here!

Light Containment Done!

Light Containment has been finished! I have added the basic corridors and an office to earn more money! Now we will start work on a few SCPs! Once the SCPs have been implemented the first public build will be released! Make sure you join the Discord server and subscribe to the official SCP Site Director youtube channel for updates!

Alpha 1.1 (Dev Build)

Alpha 1.1 is done! Watch the changelog video here.

Alpha 1.0 Development Build

The first alpha has been completed, however it is not publicly available yet. It includes a money system with a working shop (Only Entrance Zone in the shop is available, for now.) allowing you to buy different rooms but building is still in development. Also a working Main Menu with all visuals completed which includes a saves pannel which in the future will allow you to load 3 different saves, however saving is also in development.

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