The Kavex Federation

The Kavex Federation

Welcome, to The Kavex Federation.

Who are we?
The Kavex Federation was founded in the year 13,378 HE (3378 AD) by Dr. ██████, now known as O5-KVX-5, after the human species became a Type III civilization and the SCP Foundation being unable to contain on-world anomalies and interstellar anomalies, usualy bigger than planets.

What do we do?
The Kavex Federation contains anomalies bigger and more dangerous anomalies, ranging from the size of a moon to the size of galaxies, that the SCP Foundation are unable to contain on-world.

News and Updates

New ranking system!

A new ranking system has been implemented. Check it out here.

Would you like to join our community?
Feel free to join our Discord server (The Kavex Federation)! You can also join us in our SCP: Secret Laboratory server!

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