The Kavex Federation

The Kavex Federation


Access Level Information
Object Class Information - Work In Progress -

Access Levels and Classes

Access Level Alpha: A-LvL A

Level A personel are the highest level personel in the federation. Level A personel, decide what, and how to contain anomalies as well as have acces to every doccumnet, log and non-written information. Under no circumstances are Level A personel allowed near or to interact with any anomaly weather it is classified as safe or leathal.

Access Level Beta: A-LvL B

Level B personel are extreamly important to the federation due to either their skill, expierience or other important information. Under no circumstances are Level B personel allowed near any anomaly. If at any time a containment breach is sounded, all Level B personel are to be evacuated immediatly and must be brought to a safe location.

Access Level Gamma: A-LvL Ɣ (G) Top Secret
Access Level Delta: A-LvL Δ (D) Classified
Access Level Epsilon: A-LvL Ԑ (E) Restricted

Level Ɣ through Ԑ personel are comprized of scientists, researchers, guards and agents which are part of the federation who help contain and research anomalies contained within the federation.

Omega Zeta Class: ΩZ Class

ΩZ Class are Zeta classed personel who are more important and are not to be used in lethal or hazardous tests. ΩZ Class personel are to be used as cleaning services, cooking etc. Promotions may occur.

Zeta Class: Z Class

Z Class personel are disposable units used in and for testing with, and retriving anomalies. Z Class personel are broght in from civilian prisons, often prisoners of war or on death row, and are used for 3 months and then terminated. Every mont Z Class personel are to be given amnestics.